Contributions to Community


Firebelles’ members are often asked “What is the purpose of your club?  It is really very simple. Our club’s objectives are to foster, encourage and promote involvement in the Lake of the Pines community with the goal of contributing to the enhancement, security, and maintenance of Lake of the Pines by sponsoring various fund-raising activities.

Did you know that Firebelles have contributed over $460,000 to our Association since 1990?  And before that, the Firebelles donated funds to support our volunteer fire fighters. We have contributed on average $15,000 per year to the Association for the last 30 years!

Here are some examples of the use of those funds:

To enhance our community, Firebelles have made ongoing upgrades in the clubhouse such as frequent seasonal décor changes, a coat closet, moveable room dividers and tinted windows.  To the Parks we have provided picnic tables, benches, bike racks, toddler swings and playground equipment.  We have provided pool furniture and umbrellas. For the Dog Park we donated benches, fencing and a water station.

In the area of security, our contributions include Clubhouse and Sports Lounge defibrillators and a surveillance system for Park Four.  We have also provided headsets for security officers, public safety radios and front gate digital video cameras.  We purchased the original Front gate Marquee. 

In the area of maintenance our contributions include the clubhouse wireless speaker system, common area lighting upgrades, a pool sweep and digital pool regulator. We also purchased trees for parks and golf course and paid for clubhouse patio resurfacing. 

Another question we are often asked: How are donations decided upon? 

When a donation idea is proposed to us, it is first reviewed by our Firebelles Board of Directors. If they approve, the idea goes forward.  Big ticket items are voted on by the general Firebelles membership.  With their approval the idea then goes before the Lake of the Pines Board of Directors for their review and decision to decline or to accept.  Upon acceptance, Firebelles provides the funds directly to Lake of the Pines Association for their purchase toward the item approved. Sometimes another club participates with us, either by providing funds or by volunteering their efforts.  Also, if the funds are not used within six months, the funds are returned to Firebelles and held in the bank until another need is identified.

We hope we’ve increased your knowledge about Firebelles and perhaps you will consider joining this really dynamic and community-minded group of women. 

Click here to download the detailed history of Contributions to Community (PDF).