Helping Hands


Firebelles “Helping Hands” provides a temporary assistance in times of need to our community members living in Lake of the Pines.

This temporary assistance ranges for temporary services such as:

  • Rides to a doctor appointment, picking up prescriptions.
  • A ride to an LOP social event or to drop in visit to a friend or a visit to and chat with you or a ride to run errands to pick-up groceries.
  • Light maintenance, such as to take out the trash cans and bring them back in, or maybe you need a light bulb changed out, and some other light maintenance items too may be provided upon Helping Hands Chairperson’s approval.
  • Clerical needs such as making a list of contacts with names, address, phone numbers with all data info coming from the client to Helping Hands Volunteer.

If Helping Hands cannot provide the temporary service you need, we will do our best to connect you to other resources who can.

Individuals assisted and the types of assistance provided is kept strictly confidential.

NOTE: Individuals using this Temporary Service are required to sign a “Release of Liability” form.

The Firebelles Helping Hands Chairperson and Service Volunteer support team are ready, willing and able to help you during your temporary time of need.

For more info, please call 530-278-1279